Scouting is the first step to build a roster. Every year it is necessary to choose new players for your team and it is essential to have a careful and precise evaluation about the profile to be included in the roster. Italian Basketball Scouting supports you with a premium service and a lot of possibility to find the perfect player for you, looking to have clear any option: 

For a staff engaged during the year on what happens between the court and the locker rooms, it is not always possible to scout a lot of players. In this context, relying on a figure who is dedicated exclusively to the vision of players and is able to guarantee evaluations free from direct interests proves to be an important saving of energy, money and time. I’m not an agent or representing an agency also, my analysis is free, independent and impartial

Scouting is not a perfect science but I can guarantee:

  • Daily Scouting
  • Targeted search for the required profile
  • External evaluation
  • Total discretion

If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact me